Introducing STEM VIEW

STEM View provides dynamic educational content for students aged 11-14. It delivers real-world context to the application of STEM subjects and demonstrates theory with inspiring physical experiments. Our aim is simple: to inspire the next generation of STEM experts.

About us

We are the Army STEM team. Comprised of soldiers drawn from the technical branches of the British Army, we deliver engaging physical and virtual STEM workshops across the United Kingdom.


Application of STEM in real life

Many students thrive on kinaesthetic learning to cement theoretical understanding. The Army STEM team can deliver both physically and virtually.

Combined content

STEM View topics draw on several elements of the age 11-14 syllabus in each seminar. This demonstrates the interoperability of concepts in real life; students will learn the relationships between principles rather than seeing them as stand-alone phenomena.

Live military insight

On request, the Army STEM team will be available to join lessons virtually to support educators in delivery. This can range from explaining content, giving context from military experience, or answering generic questions.

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